Vaccine ‘Dalals’ Exposed in Bihar; Sold Vials for Rs 200 Each

Story Highlights
  • Cash for vaccine racket surfaced in Bihar’s Sardar Patel Hospital.
  • Accused sold covaxin vials for Rs 200 each.
  • Vaccine scam has bolstered as the country expedites its vaccination drive.

Bihar: A Cash for vaccine scam is reported from a govt hospital in Bihar’s Vaishali district. A sting operation by a local media house exposed the illegal practise where citizens are handed over vaccine vials in lieu of cash. On being updated about the COVAXIN racket, Deputy SP SK Verma asserted that the accused would be subjected to a legal hearing.

The investigation reveals details of the accused identified as Umesh, who is employed as a data entry operator at Sardar Hospital. The accused reportedly demanded Rs 1,000 from the individual and promised to supply the vials by the evening. Taking the order for the vials, the accused also asked for information of the procurer sources stated.

As the country expedites the vaccination drive, phishing scammers are looking to cash in on people’s quest to get jabbed. Adversaries are tricking citizens into handing over cash or financial details in the recently bolstered vaccination scam.

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