Vaccine update: Clinical Trials Data of Two Full Doses of AstraZeneca may consider by India

Government of India is going to consider the two full-shot options that came in the wake of red flags hoisted by the vaccine experts, which indicated that there was an ‘inadvertent dosing error’, detected during the global clinical trials of AstraZeneca.

According to the researchers, the ‘half-dose option’ was a mere case of serendipity, while it was found to deliver much better results than two full shot vaccines.

“Let us wait for the regulators to examine the data. Any call should be scientifically vetted” – stated Dr. V.K. Paul, head of the National Expert Group for Vaccine Administration.

According to him, it was unscientific for the manufacturers of the vaccine to put their confidential data in some public domain. “Such data are meant for consideration of data safety and monitoring boards and are highly confidential. Such data are not meant for public debate as it can create perceptions that may or may not be true” – he added.

Reacting to the reports, an SII official said – “We must be patient and not panic. The Indian trials are running smoothly with strict adherence to all the necessary processes and protocols. So far, there are no concerns.”

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