Vadodara Polls Scheduled For 28 February; A Ray Of Hope For Congress

Story Highlights
  • Austere Monitoring of COVID protocol
  • Surging fuel prices, a ray of hope for Congress
  • 88 municipality seat polls to be held

Gujarat: Three municipalities in Vadodara district and 34 Zilla panchayat and 168 Taluka seat elections to be held on 28 February. While BJP is flying high after conquering all six civic corporations, oppositions believe the hike in fuel prices and public disenchantment with the ruling party still could turn the tables. The remaining 27 districts, which includes 81 municipalities, 31 district panchayats, and 231 taluka panchayats, will also go to polls on the same day

District Collector Shalini announces voting in Vadodara’s municipalities will take place between 7 am and 6 pm. While addressing a press conference she said,” 9,61,830 voters have registered for the Zilla and taluk panchayat polls and 94,250 have registered for Nagar Palika polls. 1,308 presiding officers and 2,708 polling officers have been deployed.” 

While the elections take place amidst the pandemic, stringent surveillance of the program will be conducted. Officials are deployed to monitor the attendees. Health kits and gloves are provided to the staff.  She said,” “In order to maintain overall law and order, police, group mobile, police magistrate mobile, local police, home guards and SRPs will be deployed.”

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