Van Vihar In MP To Be Declared As Sanctuary

Van Vihar: A glimpse of zebra and giraffe is now visible in Madhya Pradesh for the first time in three months. Forest minister Dr. Vijay Shah claims that zebras and giraffes will be settled before January 26 next year from Africa. With this, Van Vihar becomes the most favorable National Park in India. The management has now sent a proposal to Zoo Authority of India and at the same time, banned plastic bottles and bags from January 2023.

1.5 lakh to 2 lakh tourist come here every year and this is the reason Van Vihar has filed a proposal to  mark the area as a Sanctuary. Van Vihar got the status of National Park on 26 January 1983, made up of a hill near the big tank in a surrounding area of 445.21 hectares.

Earlier on September 18, 8 Cheetahs arrived in Kuno National Park from Namibia and after 70 years, cheetahs were seen in Kuno. With this, Madhya Pradesh has become the only state in the nation to habitat Tiger, Leopard, and Cheetah.

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