Vande Bharat-Cattle Collision Continues; Train Delayed for 15 Mins

Mumbai: In yet another similar incident that happened on October 7, a Vande Bharat train heading from Mumbai to Gandhinagar was delayed for 15 mins for a collision with a cattle herd. The incident occurred on the morning of Saturday near the Atul area of the Mumbai Central Division. 

According to reports the collision between the train and the cattle herd took place at around 8.17 in the morning while the train was heading toward Gandhinagar. Though no major damage has been reported as per the information by the Indian Railways authorities, the train was delayed for about 15 minutes for running safety checks. 

“A cattle runover incident occurred with passing Vande Bharat train today near Atul in Mumbai Central division at 8.17 am. The train was on its journey from Mumbai Central to Gandhinagar. Following the incident, the train was detained for about 15 minutes. There is no damage to the train, except damage on nose cone cover of the front coach i.e Driver coach. The train is running smoothly. This will be attended to at the earliest”, said the Indian railway authorities. 

While the train remained undamaged, a bull lost its life during the collision. Notably, this is the 3rd incident of such collision of the Vande Bharat train that was inaugurated by PM Modi last month to make traveling faster between busy cities in the country.

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