Vector-Borne Scare: 48 Chikungunya Cases Reported from Bhopal

Story Highlights
  • Chikungunya infections score in the capital.
  • So far 174 Dengue patients reported.
  • Teams deployed to survey affected areas.

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh capital, Bhopal is now witnessing rage of another vector-borne disease Chikungunya, reported the State Health Department. According to the data provided to the department, nearly 48 patients have been detected with the new disease currently. Simultaneously, the state has registered 22 new dengue infections on Thursday which has taken the total tally to 174.

The drastic surge in the dengue and Chikungunya cases in the capital has created a stir in the health department. The district administration deployed 85 teams to the affected areas to survey localities with stagnant water and disinfect them. The administration has also announced to levy a fine of Rs 500 on owners of housing facilities where sanitary guidelines issued by the Govt have been flouted.

Several districts of Madhya Pradesh have been reporting a significant surge in Dengue over the past few days.

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