Veteran Journalist Vinod Dua Passes Away at 67

Story Highlights
  • Senior journalist Vinod Dua dies due to medical complications.
  • Daughter Malik Dua informed on social media.
  • Last rites to be held at Lodhi crematorium on Sunday.

New Delhi: Veteran Journalist Vinod Dua passed away today, confirmed her daughter Mallika Dua through a social media post. Mr. Vinod had been undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospital in Delhi and was moved to ICU unit last week.The 67-year-old veteran journalist lost his radiologist wife to COVID during the second wave of the pandemic. Since then, Mr Vinod had been a regular visitor the hospital.

Daughter Mallika took to her social media handle, informing the world about her beloved dad’s departure. The Instagram post read- “Our irreverent, fearless and extraordinary father, Vinod Dua has passed away. He lived an inimitable life, rising from the refugee colonies of Delhi to the peak of journalistic excellence for over 42 years, always, always speaking truth to power. “He is now with our mom, his beloved wife Chinna in heaven where they will continue to sing, cook, travel and drive each other up the wall.”Vinod Dua has been a traded personality in the field of journalism.

Over a period of 42 years in Journalism, Mr. Vinod served contributed immaculately to the industry with his stints in Doordarshan and NDTV. His last rites are scheduled tomorrow afternoon at the Lodhi crematorium.

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