Vice President Polls Underway; NDA Candidate Jagdeep Frontrunner

Story Highlights
  • Vice president elections underway in Parliament House.
  • Results to be announced by evening.
  • NDA candidate Jagdeep Dhankar at the fore front.

New Delhi: The poll ballot for the vice president opened at the Parliament house today. Prime Minister Modi was the first to cast his vote for the polls in which NDA pick Jagdeep Dhankar is expected to sail through with BJP support alone.

Known for his role as the former Gov of Bengal, Jadgeep is expected to gather support from 527 voters, 2 per cent more than M Venkaiah Naidu had received. 780 MPs of the Electoral College would cast their votes Excluding 8 vacant seats in the Rajya Sabha and 36 MPs of TMC who decided to abstain from voting. The NDA has 441 MPs, including 394 of the BJP with five nominated supporting the NDA candidates.

Opposing candidate, Marget Alva as per dummy voting hints a score of 200 with support from Congress, DMK, RJD, Samajwadi party and the left parties.

The polls will continue till 5p.m. today and results would likely be out by evening.

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