Vikram S- India’s First Private Rocket Launch Successful

Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh: In a proud moment for India, its first private rocket Vikram S has been successfully launched. Both ISRO and the private company Skyroot Aerospace which made the rocket informed about the successful launch of the rocket through a tweet. The rocket took off at 11:30 am. Earlier it was to be launched on November 15, but due to bad weather, it was launched today. 

While ISRO tweeted, “Mission Prarambh is successfully accomplished. Congratulations”, Skyroot aerospace authorities tweeted, “Launched! Vikram-S makes history as the first private rocket of India to grace the skies. We thank you all for being with us for this momentous occasion.”

The spaceport of Sriharikota was used to launch the rocket which soared high to an altitude of 89.5km after its launch. The Skyroot aerospace authorities also shared a link to YouTube on their social media platform which showed the launch program of Vikram S which has met all the parameters successfully. 

The mission is titled “prarambh” which means “the beginning” in Hindi as this is the maiden such endeavor by a private space center in the country. The mission is considered an important milestone for Skyroot, as it will help validate 80 percent of the technologies that will be used in the Vikram-1 orbital vehicle, which is planned for launch next year. 

This rocket has 3 consumer payloads and is powered by cutting-edge avionics, solid-fuelled propulsion, and all carbon fibre core structures. It has been developed in just two years’ time by Skyroot aerospace researchers and scientists. 

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