Villagers Take Oath to Boycott Muslims Amidst Communal Tension

Story Highlights
  • Villagers of Lundra take oath to boycott Muslims after a tussle with the latter.
  • Hate video on villagers taking oath to boycott Muslims went viral on social media.

Chhattisgarh: A clipping from a village gathering in Chhattisgarh has been floating across social platforms from the past 24 hours. The video, dated January 5th,  shows a mob of 200 taking an oath to boycott Muslim vendors, boycotting Muslim shops, employers and banning sale or lease of any land to a Muslim.  “We Hindus will not buy goods from any Muslim shopkeeper, will not sell or rent our land to any Muslim,” the residents of Kundikala village in Sarguja district, can be heard saying in the video.

The incident is reported from the Kundikala village in Sarguja district, where sources claim a tussle occurred between a group of Muslim boys and a Birendra Yadav, their neighbour. Reportedly the former that had arrived from Ara to celebrate New Year’s engaged in a tussle with the Yadav.  The victim alleged that the six Muslim visitors had barged into his house and thrashed him and two family members, including his niece.

An arrest was sought on grounds of rioting, obscene act, voluntarily causing hurt, criminal intimidation and trespass. Irked by the bail granted by the court, the villagers protested near the Lundra police station and took an oath to sever all ties with the Muslim sect.

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