Vinod Kambli Loses Rs 1 Lakh In KYC Fraud Case

Story Highlights
  • Former cricketer Vinod Kambli scammed of Rs 1 lakh by cyber scammers.
  • Kambli registered the case at the Bandra police station.
  • The alleged fraudster contacted Kambli under the guise of upgrading his KYC.

Mumbai: Former cricketer Vinod Kambli lost more than Rs 1 lakh to a cyber crook who pretended to be an executive of a private bank and stole his bank account details under the pretext of updating his Know Your Customer (KYC) information. Based on a complaint lodged by the former cricketer, an FIR has been lodged at the Bandra police station in Maharashtra’s Mumbai.

As per reports, on December 3rd, Kambli got a call from a person who claimed to be the bank’s executive. The caller asked Kambli to install a quick support application on his mobile phone for updating his KYC details. “After he downloaded the app, the fraudster got remote access to his phone and was able to view his bank details and one-time password. Even as the call was on, money was transferred out of his account; a police officer said. A sum of Rs 1.1 lakh was withdrawn from Kambli’s bank account in multiple debit transactions. He immediately dialled his bank’s customer care number and got his account blocked.

Thereafter, he approached the cops with his complaint. The Bandra Police then got the debit transactions reversed with the help of the cyber police and the bank. The investigators have now sought details of the account to which funds were siphoned off from the former cricketer’s account. “I am thankful to the police for helping me get my money back,” Kambli said.

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