Violence Breaks out at Wistron Corp’s iPhone Manufacturing Plant near Bengaluru

In the videos that were recorded by a few fellow employees during the violence, the mobs were seen to be breaking glass panes and doors, turning the cars topsy-turvy and attacking the offices of the senior executives. 

The Wistron authorities have not commented anything on the violence till now. As per the sources, the employees were angry that the company was not payinThe iPhone manufacturing plant, run by Taiwan-based tech giant Wistron corporation at Nasapura (60 kilometers away from Bengaluru) was attacked on Saturday by some of its employees over the payment of monthly salaries.

Nearly 2,000 employees went on a rampage, demolishing the vehicles, knocking down the assembly units, and also attempted to set fire to the vehicles. Police officials rushed to the spot along with additional personnel.g the salary package they were promised at the time of joining. 

“While an engineering graduate was promised Rs.21,000/- per month, his/her salary reduced to Rs.16,000/-, and subsequently, to Rs.12,000/- in the recent months. Non-engineering graduates’ monthly salary had reduced to Rs.8,000/-. The salary amount being credited to our accounts has been reducing and it was frustrating to see this”, alleged an employee.

The employees started discussing their salaries on Friday night, while some complained that they had received only as low as Rs.500/- in their bank accounts. The anger gradually turned into violence, added the employee.

Wistron, after proposing to invest around Rs.2,900 crore and give employment to over 10,000 people in the state of Karnataka, received 43 acres from the state government at Narasapura industrial area. Apple’s smartphone iPhone SE, biotech devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) products are manufactured in the plant.

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