Virat Kohli & KL Rahul reacts to Ishant Sharma’s batting skills on social media

Story Highlights
  • The government has extended the lockdown in the country till May 3
  • BCCI has officially confirmed that the IPL 2020 has been postponed for an indefinite time
  • Virat Kohli & KL Rahul takes a friendly jibe at batting skills of Ishant Sharma

Sports: In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the tagline ‘stay-home, stay-safe’ has become iconic on instagram. When it comes to spreading awareness, the celebrities these days always try to come up with relatable posts on social media sites.

Recently Indian fast bowler Ishant Sharma joined the array. The Delhi based spindly pacer uploaded a video that featured a hilarious take on the ‘stay home, stay safe’ message.

In the beginning, he talked about his time being quarantined because of the lockdown. Then he spoke about the Cadbury 5star challenge where he was nominated by Rohan Joshi, the rule implies that an outdoor sport has to be played indoors. Apparently pumped up Ishant put on his helmet and gloves and geared himself to perform the task.

The pumped-up Ishant transformed himself into a batsman, walked into a room, took a chair and a book and started playing book cricket. Before giving up his wicket the ‘legendary book cricket batsman’ scored 16 runs.
Seeing Ishant exhibiting his batting talent, some of his teammates did not leave the chance to savour the moment by trolling him.

Young wicket-keeper batsman thanked Ishant for not showcasing his true batting talents to which Ishant replied by trolling Rahul’s fast bowling skills. While captain Virat Kohli got awed by seeing Ishant’s batting avatar.

 Cricket fraternity also had to bear the brunt of the COVID-19 as the tournaments and series have either been suspended or canceled indefinitely. Therefore, like all the other citizens, cricketers are also spending their time at their respective homes while practicing self-isolation and social distancing.

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