Voice Sampling Test of Aaftab to be Done After Police gets Audio Evidence

Story Highlights
  • Delhi Police has got a piece of big audio evidence in the case
  • In the audio, Aaftab is heard fighting with Shraddha
  • CFSL team to match audio samples with accused Aftab's voice

New Delhi: Delhi police have found audion evidence against accused Aaftab in the Mehrauli murder case. The voice samples of Shraddha murder accused Aftab Poonawalla were taken today. The accused was brought to the CBI’s Forensic Lab at Lodhi Colony. The whole process went on there for about 3 hours. After this, the Delhi Police left from the second gate of the CGO complex with Aaftab. The Delhi Police has got a piece of big audio evidence in its hands. In the audio, Aftab is heard fighting with Shraddha. Aftab and Shraddha are having an argument in the audio. The audio proves that Aftab was torturing Shraddha.

Delhi Police is considering this audio as a big piece of evidence, officials associated with the investigation say that this audio will help a lot in the investigation of the murder. The CFSL team took voice samples from this audio to match Aaftab’s voice. Delhi Police had sought permission from the court for testing the voice sample. According to South District Police officials, the voice samples of the accused will be matched with the audio clip.

Apart from this, Delhi Police has also received a video of Aaftab and Shraddha. Aaftab is being counseled in this video. The video is from Mumbai, that’s
why the police got Aaftab’s face recognition test done today. In this test, a 3D image of Aftab was taken so that Aaftab cannot deny later that he is not in the video. More updates on the case are to be followed further.

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