Wake up and Shed Arrogance, Give Justice to Farmers: Rahul Gandhi to Government

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has taken to Twitter today, asking the government to support the farmers and provide them justice.

Asking the government to wake up and shed arrogance, he added that everybody should be indebted to the farmers for their hard work and that the Centre can repay them only by providing them the rights they are asking for.

Today, in his tweet, he stated – “The food grower is sitting in protest on the roads and fields and speeches are being given on TV. We all are indebted to the hard work of farmers. This debt will be over only by giving them justice and their rights, and not by mistreating them or by beating them with batons or using tear gas against them”.

He further added – “Wake up and come down from the chair of arrogance and think of giving the farmers their rights.”

The Centre is to hold a talk with the agitating farmer unions today. The movement of the farmers seemed to intensify despite the strong shielding of the legislation by the government and PM Narendra Modi. The PM has accused the opposition of spreading misleading information amongst the farmers.

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