Wanted to Kill Him: Main Accused in Asaduddin Firing

Story Highlights
  • Main accused, Sachin reveals to have intentions to kill the AIMIM chief.
  • The assailant procured pistol from a man in Meerut.
  • Sachin along with friend Subham and Taleem has been arrested.

New Delhi: One of the two accused, Sachin on police interrogation said, he attacked the AIMIM Chief with the ‘intention to kill’. Reportedly, the Hindutva extremist wanted to become a politician and was upset by Asaduddin hate speeches.

The main accused says he is a member of the BJP and his Facebook profile carries numerous photographs advertising his proximity to key BJP leaders from Uttar Pradesh.

“When I fired at Owaisi, he bent down. I fired downwards and thought he had been shot. Then I ran,” Sachin told the police. Apparently, the accused had been working on his plan to attack the MP over the past few days. He had been actively following the AIMIM chief through social media and had even attempted at several events to launch an attack. However, he could not due to large crowds.

Besides Sachin and his ally Subham, Taleem from Meerut has been arrested for providing arms to the attacker.

AIMIM chief and Lok Sabha MP, Asaduddin Owaisi was fired upon near Chhajarsi toll plaza on his way to Delhi from Meerut. According to the Additional Superintendent of Police in Hapur, Noida resident Sachin had fired the bullets. A 9 mm pistol was recovered from him on arrest.

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