Waqf Board Tries to Acquire Land in CG, Opposed by Common People

Durg, Chhattisgarh: There have been many disputes across the country regarding the property claims of the Waqf Board. The latest case has come to the fore from Chhattisgarh. The board has claimed ownership over hundreds of acres of land in the Durg district. On this, a claim of objection has been called by the Tehsildar of Durg on Tuesday. A large number of residents along with the people of the affected areas have reached the Tehsil office to raise the claim. 

There is a large crowd of people inside and outside the Tehsil office, in which women are also included. A stall has also been set up outside the Tehsil office to accommodate the food needs of the people who are visiting the office where applications are being made for claim objection. People’s displeasure is being seen over the claim objection raised regarding the suzerainty of the Waqf Board on the land. 

Many angry people are also raising slogans in the Tehsil office premises. The BJP leaders of Durg have become active after the Waqf Board claimed their suzerainty over the city’s land. BJP leaders are also objecting to the claim and getting others to do so. In this, District BJP General Secretary Lalit Chandrakar, Sunil Sahu, Mukesh Belchandan, and the people of Hindu Wadi Sangathan are also involved. The government is set to survey the claims of the waqf board regarding land acquisitions around the country.

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