War of Words Between Baghel and Raman Singh on Twitter

A war of worda erupted between CM Bhupesh Baghel and former CM of Chhattisgarh Dr Raman Singh. Twitter went into a frenzy as the leaders lambasted at each other over the recent killings of BJP functionaries in the state, Jheeram valley attack and corruption in state.

In the tweet, chief minister Baghel referred to Raman Singh as “Thakur Saab” while Singh addressed the CM as “Dau ji”.

Both questioned each other’s regime and pointed out “shortcomings”. Former chief minister Raman Singh tweeted, “Residents in Chhattisgarh should be responsible for their own safety because ‘Dau” is busy in coal loot and Congress is busy in internal politics. Their hypocrisy is exposed as they are seeking a probe by NIA into BJP leaders’ killings in Bastar while the same NIA is being disapproved off when they were here to probe the Jheeram valley attack,”

In response to Singh claims that Congress failed to probe the Jheeram Valley attack, Baghel then alleged that Chhattisgarh was poorest state during Singh’s regime with maximum poor population because of his corrupt activities to which, Singh countered that Congress has burdened the state with loans worth Rs 55000 crore and built no school, road or did any development.

The duo went on levelling allegations and Baghel advised him for introspection stating that the nation was watching how BJP in the Centre was misusing central agencies.

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