Wave of Russian Missiles Batter Ukraine; Millions Face Subfreezing Cold and Darkness

KYIV: Latest developements in the long running war between Russia and Ukraine reported the largest attack said Ukrainian officials on Friday. In subfreezing weather, Russia launched dozens of missiles and drones at Ukrainian energy systems Friday.

As per sources, Russia fired more than 70 missiles at Ukraine plunging the country’ second biggest city into darkness forcing Kyiv authorities to declare emergency blackouts nationwide. Later, power operator Ukrenergo lifted the state of emergency as the situation eased, however warned it required more time to repair equipment and restore electricity than after previous bombardments.

Officials also report “two people killed” in the central city of Kryvyi Rih in the largest attack since the war began in February this year. Zelensky in his routine night address on Friday spoke in terms of the impact of the recent missiles that rained on the country. According to the President, Russia still had enough missiles for several more massive strikes, like the one launched earlier in the day against Ukraine’s electricity generation system

“Whatever the rocket worshipers from Moscow are counting on, it still won’t change the balance of power in this war,” he said in a video address.

In the ninth large-scale wave of attacks on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure this fall, and the second this week, explosions shook cities and towns across a country where millions of people have already been bombed or frozen out of their homes.

In the meanwhile, private businesses in Ukraine are in line to receive $2bn in financing arranged by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to help rebuild the country’s agriculture and fuel import industries, along with other ventures that have faced extensive losses because of the war.

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