Wayanad Reports 13 Confirmed Cases Of Norovirus Infection

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  • Wayanad reports 13 norovirus cases.
  • Norovirus, is a winter vomiting bug that causes vomiting and diarrhoea.
  • Residents instructed to keep home if unwell.

Kerala: The Kerala government issued a statement on Friday, a day after Norovirus cases were verified in Wayanad district, warning people to be cautious of the highly contagious virus that causes vomiting and diarrhoea. Two weeks ago, a Norovirus infection was discovered in 13 students at a veterinary college in Pookode, near Vythiri, Wayanad district. Despite the fact that the problem has been brought under control and no additional spread has been detected, health officials have announced that as part of preventive measures, they are creating a data bank of veterinary science college students and organising an awareness workshop.

According to veterinary college officials, the sickness was first found in students living in off-campus hostels. The health officials swiftly gathered samples and transported them to NIV in Alappuzha for analysis. The state’s health minister, Veena George, presided over a meeting of health officials here to examine the situation in Wayanad. Furthermore, Kerala is still fighting Covid-19 infections, with 70,000 cases remaining active and a positive rate of around 10%.

The minister ordered workers to boost up efforts to stop the virus from spreading, according to a news release from the health department. According to the report, there is no reason to be concerned at this time, but everyone should be vigilant. Officials stated that precautionary steps are being taken, such as excessive chlorination. Water sources must be safe to drink, and with proper prevention and treatment, the illness can be treated quickly.

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