WB: BJP MLA Biswajit Das Quits Party to Join TMC Again

Story Highlights
  • Biswajit is a MLA from North 24 Parganas’ Bagda
  • A councilor Manotosh Nath also left BJP and joined TMC
  • Biswajit said he “felt uncomfortable” in the party

The political fiasco in Bengal where party swapping became a trend during the 2021 Rajya Sabha elections keeps continuing as another BJP MLA Biswajit Das quit the party to re-join TMC. Before the elections, it was seen that many of the prominent TMC party leaders left the party to shake hands with the opponent BJP party. Bengal saw a huge turnover of events during the elections. But the end results changed the game completely! 

After the ruling party, TMC won the elections, the BJP leaders were taken aback entirely. Soon after, many leaders who left the party before the elections wanted to re-join TMC. The latest on the list is BJP MLA Biswajit Das from Bagda, North 24 Parganas. 

He had also left the TMC party in 2019 with a vision to rule Bengal under the light of the BJP political party. But now, he says he “felt uncomfortable” in the party and thus taken the decision to quit. Another BJP councilor Manotosh Nath also left BJP to join Trinamool. Biswajit is the 3rd BJP MLA who quit the party and joined TMC after the elections.

In an interview after his decision, Biswajit said, “due to some misunderstandings, some changes were made that shouldn’t have been made. I’ve returned to my home now and I will continue to work for the people of my state and constituency. I never felt very comfortable in the BJP. I wanted to return to the TMC long ago. The BJP has done nothing for Bengal”. He further added, “I urge all to join the TMC for the welfare of West Bengal. There is a need to strengthen the hands of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee”.

It must be noted that the Mamata Banerjee-led TMC party won a massive 213 seats in the Rajya Sabha elections. The BJP won 77 seats and lost inevitably to form the govt in West Bengal.

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