We Will Defeat Everyone: Zelensky on War Anniversary

Marking the first anniversary of the Russian invasion, President Volodymyr Zelensky with a somber message of defiance to his people said- We will defect everyone.

In a media address titled “the year of invincibility” the 45-year-old president is seen at a desk recalling how he addressed  Ukrainians a year ago in a hurried statement, as Kyiv and the world reeled from Russia’s act of war. “A year ago on this day, from this same place around seven in the morning, I addressed you with a brief statement, lasting only 67 seconds,” he said in a 15-minute speech, as solemn music played in the background. “…we are strong. We are ready for anything. We will defeat everyone. This is how it began on February 24, 2022. The longest day of our lives. The most difficult day in our recent history. We woke up early and haven’t slept since.” 

According to officials, both sides have suffered massive casualties largest since the World War II. “Almost everyone has at least one contact in their phone that will never pick up the phone again,” Zelensky said. “He who will not respond to the SMS ‘How are you?’. These two simple words got a new meaning during the year of the war.” 

Zelensky has been instrumental to gather financial and military aid from across the world. However, there seem bleak chances that both sides compromise.

Russia recently intensified its push to capture all of Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland of Donbas. Russian forces have tried to encircle the Ukrainian stronghold of Bakhmut and push deeper into the Donetsk region. Along with fulfilling its goal of capturing the entire Donbas, Moscow aims to wear down Ukrainian forces and prevent them from starting offensives elsewhere.

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