Wedding Turns Nightmare! After Bride and Groom Fall From Swing

Story Highlights
  • Clipping of a wedding couple falling from swing in went viral on social media.
  • The incident was reported from a wedding at Chhattisgarh capital Raipur on Sunday.
  • The event planning company bared the responsibility of the incident.

Raipur: With Indian weddings being inspired by the fairy tales from the west, plush décor and extravagant set up are in. Weddings are now being organized by event organizers hired by the self-obsessed family members. In this generation of glam, planners come up with the most innovative ideas to introduce the couple to their guests. Be it a chariot ride or an entry under the sky from above, all have been tried by the planners.

 But as amazing these things may look, it turned out to be a nightmare for a couple from Raipur, Chhattisgarh where things unfortunately went wrong. A video from a wedding on Sunday evening made rounds of social media after the couple’s entry prop harness snaps. Entering in an oval shaped swing with massive fireworks and background dancers, the couple failed to land safe on the ground. The couple  reportedly suffered minor injuries after a fall from 12 feet. The guests were scrambled as the couple fell and ran to attend them. After a break of half an hour, the couple proceeded for their wedding rituals close sources reported.

As per insights, the weeding planning company has taken up the responsibility for the incident. Thankfully so serious injuries or loss of lives was reported from the wedding on Sunday.

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