West Bengal Election Trivia: PM Modi Targets Didi Under the Facebook Outage Cloak

Story Highlights
  • Facebook shut down for 55 minutes last night
  • Recalls Dr Ambedkar

Kolkata: While addressing a rally in Bengal’s Kharagpur, PM Narendra Modi ripped into opposition allies ahead of West Bengal polls.  Stressing that the state is desperately waiting for change, the Prime Minister said: “Last night, for 50-55 minutes, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram were down that left everyone worried! Here in Bengal, development, belief, dreams have been down for 50-55 years, and thus, I understand your impatience to bring in a change!” 

On Friday, the entire world faced an outage of the services of the giant social media platform- Facebook. All platforms authorized by Facebook were down for almost 55 minutes on 19 March during the late evening hours as per IST.

Targeting Mamata Banerjee, he said: “Didi has wasted 10 very crucial years of the youth of Bengal. Her party is the school of cruelty, and its syllabus is Tolabaji, cut-money, syndicate and is a training centre for harassing and troubling people.” He also accused TMC of sprouting corruption in the state. Prone to poll violence, the state will begin its polling schedule on 27 March and conclude in eight phases. 

Soliciting Dr BR Ambedkar, he further said: “Babasaheb Ambedkar has given every citizen the right to vote. But Mamata has snatched that right to vote. We saw how this right was crushed in the 2018 panchayat polls. I want to assure the people of Bengal that Didi will not be allowed to do this. Police and administration should remember the constitution. This time what happened in earlier elections won’t happen.”

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