West Bengal Trivia: BJP MLA Threatened; Bombs Hurled at His Residence

Story Highlights
  • A sudden explosion was reported in Habra District
  • Investigation carried out under IC Gautam Mishra
  • Political alliances blame each other

New Delhi: A bomb explosion was witnessed at a local BJP member’s house late at 11 pm on Monday (15 March). The resident of Habra in North 24 Parganas district contacted the security officials.  The alliance condemns TMC for tossing BJP Mandal President Bhaskar Kumar Das’s residence.

The feud between the two political weights has raised the heat in the state. Whilst the former claims TMC for the blast, TMC accuses the Bhartiya Janata Dal of staging the attacks to secure tickets to contest the upcoming electoral polls.

Short of the incident report, a huge police force led by IC Gautam Mitra of Habra Police Station rushed to the spot. The Minister was attended and investigations have begun.  BJP Bandhus  staged a protest in front of the Habra Police station demanding immediate action against the culprits.

Both the contending parties seem to be camouflaging their feuds, rolling the ball in each other’s court.  After the saffron parties’ allegation, TMC leader and Habra municipality municipal administrator Nilimesh Das said, “the BJP workers are carrying out the bombings to secure their tickets.”

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