WHO Avoids Endorsing Boosters For General Public

Story Highlights
  • WHO against endorsing coronavirus vaccine booster shots.
  • First vaccine doses remain the priority.
  • Johnson & Johnson one-shot coronavirus vaccine was inactivated.

United States: A World Health Organization advisory council has decided against recommending a global launch of coronavirus vaccination booster doses on a large scale. The experts emphasised the large gap in vaccination access between affluent and poor countries, and they continued to advise that first vaccine doses be given priority.

Alejandro Cravioto, chair of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE), stated in a media conference on Thursday that vaccinations provide a high level of protection and should remain the priority, despite unequal global distribution. Exceptions have been made in the past, with the WHO recommending booster or third doses for persons who are immunocompromised or have received an inactivated coronavirus vaccine.

The WHO has recommended that those who were initially inoculated with Johnson & Johnson’s inactivated coronavirus vaccine get a booster dose. In reaction to the advent of the omicron form, many higher-income countries, notably the United States, are scrambling to give extra injections to their populations. WHO specialists, on the other hand, claim there is insufficient data on the variation to show that boosters are required.

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