WHO Calls for Safe Passage for Medical Treatment of Critically-Ill in Gaza

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  • Major health care centres were brought in
  • WHO calls for evacuation of the critically ill
  • Other health organizations also call for help

World: The WHO on Friday called for a free passage to access patients in the GAZA Strip as the local health care workers struggle to provide apt treatment to the war-struck citizens.

 WHO spokeswoman Fadela Chaib told a Geneva briefing that around 600 patients, including some with chronic conditions, needed to be referred outside of the Palestinian enclave since the start of the hostilities, but had been unable to due to crossing closures. 

 “It’s very important that we help Palestinians get the care they need, especially helping them get treatment outside the Gaza strip,” she said. 

The on-ground WHO representatives haven’t confirmed any aid outside the coastal territory. Several aid agencies also complained about limited humanitarian access and drug supplies. 

The Israeli bombardment of Gaza  ravaged homes and businesses as well as key power and water networks along with health and education centres in the already impoverished enclave. Nearly 258 buildings, comprising 1,042 housing and commercial units, have been completely destroyed, authorities in Gaza say, while the United Nations says at least 6,000 people have been made homeless. 

Health care workers have also raised  concerns about a possible surge in COVID-19 infections after the latest violence, since many people displaced by bombings were crowded together for shelter.

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