WHO Declares MonkeyPox- A Global Outbreak

Story Highlights
  • Monkeypox declared - a Global health emergency
  • Around 75 countries have reported 16,000 confirmed cases and 5 deaths.
  • Europe epicentre of the diesease.

The WHO on Saturday announced a high alert for the growing monkeypox outbreak, declaring the virus a public health emergency of international concern. The Monkeypox outbreak is seen in more than 70 countries and is an “extraordinary” situation the WHO said. The declaration could spur further investment in treating the once rare disease and worsen the scramble for scare vaccines. The proclamation serves as an urgent call for action even though it does not impose any obligations on the governments of the affected countries.

Dr Tedros pointed out that a month after an Emergency Committee under the International Health Regulations was convened to assess whether the multi-country monkeypox outbreak represented a public health emergency of international concern, the outbreak has continued to grow, and there are now more than 16,000 reported cases from 75 countries and territories, and five deaths. Europe the epicentre with men being affected majorly.

The WHO chief laid down the five criteria that decide is a disease is an outbreak or not

  • The information provided by countries, in this case, shows that this monkeypox virus has spread rapidly to many countries that have not seen it before
  • The three criteria for declaring a public health emergency of international concern under the International Health Regulations, have been met
  • The advice of the Emergency Committee, which has not reached a consensus
  • Scientific principles, evidence and other relevant information are currently insufficient and leave us with many unknowns
  • The risk to human health, international spread and the potential for interference with international traffic

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