WHO Warns Against Large Scale Spread; UN Agency Releases Report on World No Tobacco Day

Story Highlights
  • Head of WHO Europe flags- country as the epicentre of Monkey pox.
  • He warned that the disease may not be containable.

WHO in its address on Tuesday, warned that Monkeypox may not be containable. In a statement, Dr Hans Kluge, head of the WHO’s Europe office, said that although the monkeypox response should not mimic the scale of Covid-style restrictions, health authorities do need to take “significant and urgent” action to mitigate the threat.

“But – and this is important – we do not yet know if we will be able to contain its spread completely,” Dr Kluge warned. The WHO has so far maintained that the world has “an opportunity to stop this outbreak”.

According to WHO Europe is the epicentre of the largest and most geographically widespread monkeypox outbreak ever outside west and central Africa, where the disease is endemic. 

Meanwhile, the UN agency on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day released a report holding the tobacco industry accountable for the wreckage to human life and nature. In its report it said- “Tobacco poisoning our planet”, looks at the impact of the whole cycle, from the growth p plants to the manufacturing of tobacco products, to consumption and waste.”

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