Why I am Backing Myself As the Next PM: Rishi Sunak

Story Highlights
  • Rishi Sunak claims to he is in the best place to win elections as per survey.
  • Mr Sunak explains why he is the perfect guy for the PM position
  • Sunak promises to rebuild faith in government and work in a decisive manner

Rishi Sunak, a candidate for prime minister and a candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party, claimed that surveys show that he is in the “best place” to win over the Uk in the upcoming election. According to a renowned media house, Mr Sunak stated that his message during the campaign had received positive feedback from the public. “Everywhere I go, I see a lot of folks who are still discussing. People are open to the message I’ve been spreading about how to repair the economy, restore trust, and bring our nation back together “he said.

According to Mr Sunak, he is the “perfect guy” to deal with all the problems the country is facing. He further said, “I know what our members are concentrating on is who is best placed to defeat Keir Starmer and the Labour Party in the next general election, and I am the best person to accomplish that as well as take on the job as prime minister, to come to grips with all the difficulties that we confront.”

In another statement, Mr Sunak said, “I will act in the same urgent and decisive manner that the public has seen me acting during the pandemic. I will also work to rebuild faith in the government, and I am optimistic that I can win this election”.

We have to keep in mind that I did lead the parliamentary stage of this process at every round, topped the ballot at every round, have the broadest support from my parliamentary colleagues, and the polls show that I am the best positioned to win in the general election, Mr Sunak said when asked if he would concede given that Ms Truss appears to be leading the race. Therefore, he continued, “I am going to keep going out on about and fighting hard for every vote.”

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