‘Will Announce Decision Soon’ – Rajinikanth on Entering Politics

Tamil Nadu: Superstar Rajinikanth spoke to the District Secretaries of ‘Rajini Makkal Mandram’ and told them that he would soon announce the decision on his leap into politics, with his floating political party.

The officials expressed their concern at the health condition of the actor, opining that taking part in the 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly polls will be the perfect time for him to join politics.

Rajinikanth mentioned to the District Secretaries that making money from politics is not going to be possible for the ones who join him in politics. The meeting continued for 2 hours, after which he waved at the crowd gathered outside Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam removing his mask. 

Last month, the actor tweeted that he would consult with the Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam officials about his health condition, before announcing his political stance to people. At that time, a denying statement was claimed to be issued by him on quitting politics. Some of the contents in that statement were acknowledged by the actor, as the statements related to the medical and health advice given to him by his doctors. 

According to the alleged statement, the doctors treating Rajinikanth had voiced their restrictions on his political entry since he had undergone a kidney transplant sometimes back and there is no vaccine for COVID-19 (and even if there was one, it would never be effective on him at the age of 70).

The condition of his health is a matter of concern because he would have to address rallies and meet people if he plunges into active politics during this pandemic. However, Rajinikanth, after the discussion with the District Secretaries, stated – “After discussing the matter with the officials of the Rajini Makkal Mandaram, at an appropriate time I will announce my political stance to the people.”

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