Will Retreat if Ukraine Drops Arms: Russian Foreign Ministry

Story Highlights
  • Russia approves to pull back forces if Ukraine dropped arms.
  • Ukraine claimed Russian troops advanced towards capital Kyiv.
  • 450 Russian soldiers dead so far.

Moscow: Russia admits to pull back its troops if the ex-Soviet Union dropped its armour. The statement from the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov comes as Russia continues its advancement towards Kyiv from both the northeast and east.

He further pressed the Russian forces were not carrying out strikes on civilian infrastructures in Ukraine.  In his announcement of the ‘special military operation,’ Putin determined to protect civilians the Russian FM added.

On the contrary, Ukraine claimed that the forces approached Kyiv from Northeast and East and had almost reached the outskirts of the capital by now. Among the signs that the Ukrainian capital was increasingly threatened, the military said Friday that a group of Russian spies and saboteurs was seen in a district on the outskirts of Kyiv. Elsewhere in the capital, soldiers established defensive positions at bridges, and armoured vehicles rolled down the streets, while many residents stood uneasily in doorways of their apartment buildings.

It also informed the Chernobyl nuclear facility that the Crimea claimed to have neutralized was safe and the radiation sighted in the facility was caused by the soil disturbances.

As per the Ukrainian Defence Department, 18 tanks of the former Soviet Union were destroyed and 2 Russian paratroopers capsized. Intelligence reports the death of nearly 450 soldiers of the Russian Army. Air fields in southern Russia were compromised it further reported.

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