Woman Alleges she was Molested in Facebook’s Metaverse

Story Highlights
  • A 43-year-old female alleges she was virtually harassed and gang raped.
  • The victim is the co-founder of Metaverse Research at Kabuni.
  • This is the second time such a case is reported from Metaverse.

New Delhi: Rape has now taken a virtual form. In a shocking incident, Nina Jane Patel who is the co-founder and VP of Metaverse Research at Kabuni has alleged that she was virtually harassed and gang-raped in Facebook’s Metaverse.

Taking to the social platform through her blog post, the 43-year-old alleged that she was verbally and sexually assaulted by 3-4 male avatars within a minute she entered the environment.

“.as I tried to get away they yelled – “don’t pretend you didn’t love it” and “go rub yourself off to the photo,” she said, pointing out the woman safety issues in Facebook’s metaverse. I froze, says Director of Wellness, Arts & Culture for Kabuni Ventures — an immersive technology company based in London UK who couldn’t process the incident and put-up safety barriers.

This is not the first time; such an incident is reported from Facebook’s new platform. Earlier in December, a similar case was reported by a beta tester.

The metaverse is a perfect fusion of physical, augmented, and virtual reality. It is a public virtual world that may be accessed via the internet. It creates a “virtual world” experience by simulating human emotions and gestures.  The Metaverse can indeed be thought of as the world’s digital counterpart. Human profiles are represented as avatars, which is indeed an extension of something like the real world. In the Metaverse, office spaces, property, and events are all mirrored.          

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