Woman Caught at Pune Airport with Gold Hidden in Rectum

Story Highlights
  • Delhi based woman smuggles gold hidding in rectum.
  • Pune custom officials caught the lady acting on a tip off.
  • The gold was hidden in rectum in the form of a capsule.

PUNE: A Delhi-based woman who arrived from Bangkok in a SpiceJet flight was caught at the Pune airport for smuggling gold through her body.

According to a statement by the customs department, they recieved an intel and intercepted the lady. “Acting on intelligence developed during passenger profiling, officers of Pune Customs intercepted a woman passenger at Pune International airport who was travelling on Spicejet flight from Bangkok to Pune on December 20,” the customs department said in a statement.

Custom officials seized a capsule containing 210 g of 24K gold that the lady had concealed in her body cavity. The market value of the seizure is estimated to be around Rs 11.70 lakh, the custom department added.

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