Woman Contender Name Withdrawn As Husband Murder Accused

Story Highlights
  • Swati Kashid candidature withdrawn from MP civic polls.
  • Criminal background verification of the contestant surfaced family involved in criminal offenses.
  • Husband Yuvraj Kashid was arrested under NSA 2020.

Indore: The Saffron party of MP on Saturday withdrew the candidature of a woman contender for the upcoming civic polls after it was learnt that the husband of the contender was involved in several crimes which invoked the National Security Act against him.

Swati Kashid, contesting from Ward 56 of Indore was announced as the contesting candidate on Friday and was ousted from the list on Saturday. Her husband Yuvraj Kashid was arrested under NSA in 2020 after the law was imposed on him by the previous Congress government. According to the police he is also involved in several murder cases and other offences.

The State BJP President in a pressing informed that shortly after the criminal background of Swati’s family was brought to the knowledge of the CM her name was withdrawn under the Zero tolerance policy.

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