Woman Delivers Baby on SDRF Rescue Boat

Story Highlights
  • Woman delivers baby on SDRF rescue boat.
  • The incident took place in Kamkanar village of Gangalur tehsil.
  • SDRF were deployed to rescue stranded villagers as the Berudi river was in spate.

Chhattisgarh: SDRF helped a woman deliver a baby on one of its rescue boats in Kamkanar village of Gangalur tehsil plying on the swollen Berudi river.

According to sources, the pregnant lady was to be taken to Reddy Health Center which however was not possible because of the Berudi river that was in spate after heavy rainfal. Following which the Mitanins sought help from the CEO and BMO of the district who immediately approached the state district forces for help.

Following the delivery the lady and the baby were safely shifted to the district hospital sources said.

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