Woman Dies After Giving Birth, Family Blames On The Doctor

Story Highlights
  • Members of the Rajput community staged a demonstration for the actions of doctors and staff of Barod Hospital.
  • Staff's negligence caused Ankita's condition to worsen.
  • The police had not opened an investigation into the doctors' conduct

Indore: Members of the Rajput community and family members of a 24-year-old woman Ankita Kushwah, staged a demonstration at the Heera Nagar police station on Sunday calling for the actions of doctors and staff of Barod Hospital. The family members alleged that Ankita died on August 12 due to the negligence of the doctors.

Ankita Kushwah, a resident of Nanda Nagar, was admitted to Barod Hospital after her labor pains began. One of her family members Sourabh Singh Kushwah said the caesarian delivery of Ankita’s child was carried out by Dr. Manisha Singhal on August 10 at the Barod Hospital, and the baby girl was delivered in good health. The next day she began to bleed internally and her body became blue. Sourabh said the doctors also described it as “normal” and asked her to give coconut water. Saurabh continued that Dr. Singhal had consulted two other hospital doctors and later recommended the patient to transfer to a private facility.

Ankita’s family members alleged that Dr. Singhal and the Barod Hospital staff’s negligence caused Ankita’s condition to worsen. The surgeon from a private hospital who later operated on her said that the patient passed away as a result of cardiac arrest. Her platelet count and hemoglobin were declining.

The family also claimed that the doctors misled Ankita’s parents and prevented them from obtaining a post-mortem examination. They claimed that the police had not opened an investigation into the doctors’ conduct yet.

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