Woman Hit-and-Drag Case: Court Rejects Ashustosh Bhardwaj’s Bail Plea

NEW DELHI: A Delhi court on Thursday rejected the bail of Ashutosh Bhardwaj, an accused in the Kanjhanwala hit-and-drag case. Metropolitan Magistrate Sanya Dalal passed the order at 2:00 pm this afternoon after reserving the order earlier in the day.

Additional Public Prosecutor Atul Srivastava claimed that Bhardwaj had misled the investigation by stating that co-accused Deepak Khanna was driving the car.

Earlier in the day, a team of forensic experts from the National Forensic University in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar visited the crime scene in New Delhi, as a part of the ongoing investigation into the Kanjhanwala hit and drag case. The Delhi police accompanying the team stated that ‘dummies’ were being used to recreate the scene. The 5 membered team comprises professors and forensic experts from NSFU.

The Delhi Police in its investigation scanned around 300 cameras to establish the sequence of events that underwent durind 1st January. Earlier on 9th January, six accused in the case including Ashutosh were sent to a judicial custody of 14 days.

A 20-year-old woman on the early hours of January 1. Anjali, the deceased woman, was riding a scooty when it was hit by a car. The car reportedly dragged Anjali’s entangled body for several kilometres.  

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