Woman Throws Toddler into Canal; Lookout Notice Issued

Story Highlights
  • Woman throws 4 year old into safety canal.
  • Eye witnesses rush the girl to Lormi Hospital.
  • Police launch search operations for the woman.

Lormi: In a shocking incident on Monday, a woman was seen throwing a young child into the canal of a river, officials said. Police have launched a search for the woman after gathering details from eye villagers.

Eyewitness Sohan Sahu who was working in the nearby fields saw the woman throw a 4 year old child into the water and run towards Bodtra. Sahu rushed to rescue the girl and took her to the hospital immediately.

The girl is currently being treated at the community hospital Lormi. Doctor Pradeep Jaiswal, who is the doctor assigned said that the girl is being given oxygen support and is stable. The child is mentally handicapped, the doctor added stating that girl was unconscious when she was brought to the hospital.

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