Women are Often Tricked, BJP is Expert in it, Says Kamal Nath

Story Highlights
  • Mahila Congress organization meeting held at PCC headquarters in state.
  • Former CM Kamal Nath addressed the gathering.
  • Instructed women of the organization to strengthen their section in the party.

Madhya Pradesh: A meeting of officer bearers of the Madhya Pradesh Mahila Congress organization was held at PCC headquarters on Tuesday. Addressing the Mahila Congress, Former CM and Congress state president Kamal Nath urged women to work assertively on their strategies ahead of the elections and strengthen the women wing of the party.

District presidents have been instructed to provide a list to the mahila congress members to set up 100 booths in strongest regions of the state.We are contesting not only the BJP but its organization. We are revitalizing our organizational structure and asking them to connect with as many people as possible,” ascertained Kamal Nath on his instructions issued to the State president of Mahila Congress, Archana Jaiswal.

Slamming the opposition, Mr Nath tittled BJP to misleading for the women and the youth.”Women wing of the Congress should actively organize outreach programmes and explain to women about the policies of BJP that are responsible for price rise in the country, said Kamal Nath”. He criticized the BJP’s revolutionary Tantya Bhil’s yatra on his birth anniversary decision taken by the state govt at the cabinet today.

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