Women Show High Participation In UP’s Liqour Business

Lucknow: Once considered to be a domain of local strongmen, women participation in the liquor business has been on a rise in the Uttar Pradesh. Beginning April 1, women would control 25% of the retail liquor businesses in the state. The statewide data has recorded highest women participation so far.

“Onwards 2019-2020, we have been observing steady growth in the number of women retailers. The onus of running the shops in a free and fair manner lies on the owner and in case anomalies are detected; the woman licensee is going to be held responsible”, said a senior excise department officer.

As per the data maintained by the excise department headquarters in Prayagraj, 28,930 retail liquor shops have been floated by the department for 2023-24 fiscal year and 7,216 have been bagged by women.

While the districts of Lucknow, Prayagraj, and Kanpur show the highest women participation, for the first time transgenders have also entered in the business with two retail shops in Firozabad.

Earlier in October 2022, an all-women liquor store in Delhi’s mall made the headlines. The store caters to ‘women only’ wherein a women patron can walk in, browse at her leisure, relax on one of the soft white sofas while waiting on a friend, and pay all hassle-free.

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