Women Tried to Flee Ashram in Punjab Citing Improper Facilities as the Reason

New Delhi: On the occasion of international women’s day on March 8, Monday, when the safety and empowerment of women were on the talks throughout the world, several women in Punjab’s Jalandhar felt unsafe in an ashram and tried to flee the same.

Gandhi Vanita ashram in Jalandhar accommodates several girls and is run by the state government as part of the women’s welfare initiative. On Monday, the girls tried to escape citing reasons of improper food and lack of proper facilities.

ACP of Jalandhar, Harsimrat Singh reached the spot and investigated the matter. He said, “A group of girls who stayed at the ashram, Gandhi Vanita Ashram in Jalandhar tried to escape from the place. They said that they were not being given proper food and other facilities at the place”.

He further added, “The ashram is being run by the state government for the welfare of the women and children in the state”.

The police commissioner assured that proper investigations will be carried out and immediate actions will be taken if any such allegations are proved to be true. He concluded by saying, “We reached the spot when we came to know about the incident. We are trying to address their grievances. Further probe is underway”.

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