Woodlands Hospital Kolkata: Ganguly Decides to Stay Back for Another Day

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  • The BCCI President Ganguly is fit now, say the sources, Dada will be discharged tomorrow
  • Post his discharge, the former skipper of team India will be under strict vigilance by a team of specialists

The BCCI President and former team India captain Sourav Ganguly, who has been under treatment in Woodlands Hospital since the minor cardiac arrest he suffered on Saturday, is reported to be completely fit and fine now. His discharge was scheduled for Wednesday by the hospital authorities on the permission of the team of doctors that is treating him, but Dada decided to stay back in the hospital for one more day; now, his discharge has been scheduled for Thursday.

Post the discharge, the 48-year-old cricketer will be under strict surveillance by a team of cardiologists, revealed the hospital authority, stating – “Treating doctors will be keeping a constant vigil on his health situation and taking appropriate measures from time to time at home. Ganguly will be discharged tomorrow as he wants to stay back one more day”. 

The hospital also revealed the condition of the former captain on Tuesday, saying – “Report of routine blood tests are satisfactory, Echocardiography shows preserved left ventricular function with an ejection fraction of 56 percent”.

MD and CEO of Woodlands Hospital Dr. Rupali Basu on Tuesday revealed that Ganguly will be ready for the next course of medicinal procedures after 2-3 weeks. Notably, renowned cardiologist Dr. Devi Shetty also met the experts’ team of cardiologists, that is treating Ganguly for the past three days. “His heart is now as strong as it was when he was 20-years-old”, said Dr. Shetty.

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