Workation: the New GenZ Work From Home Alternative

Story Highlights
  • WFH norm started since the beginning of lockdown due to pandemic
  • Many young adults are taking a keen interest in shifting to unique locales for work
  • Forget working from an office, its workation time

The all-new pandemic has altered the work culture of the country entirely. Most companies have shifted to the work from home (WFH) mode of work since the pandemic and lockdown set in last year. It has been almost one and a half years that most employees are locked in their houses working more than their official hours! 

And so, it is evident why most of them have replaced their boring WFH with an interesting “workation” culture. It is a mold of vacation and work that people are enjoying and thus, small locales in many regions are also getting the required limelight.

The co-founder of a travel curating group says, “Workations have been trending with Gen Z as work from home (WFH) becomes the new normal. Young professionals across the country are actively searching for budget-friendly, Covid-safe destinations to work and live out of, especially in offbeat locations”. 

It is noticeable that being locked at our homes for such a long time period surely brings out the travelers in all of us! And what’s more interesting is that there are so many pocket-friendly destinations available across the country where you can find a place for your working experience. 

As the young adults are being engraved in the new work culture, it is likely that soon the “workation” will be a new trend (if it is not already!) Following the path of the GenZ population, many middle-aged people are also taking interest in such workations. 

One can see many small properties coming up in unique places of the mountain area of Himachal Pradesh. You can also find similar properties in other corners of the country that are filling up soon! Forget working from an office, it’s workation time!

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