World Influencer Award 2020: Top Influencer and Bloggers from Worldwide; Coming Soon in India

World Influencer and Blogger Awards, organized for renowned bloggers from all over the world, is all set to make an entry in India. The global event aims to gather all the vital influencers together, making it a platform to build new collaboration in the marque coterie.

It makes its maiden entry with the robust social media pages, Nusr-Et, Gianluca Vacchi, Food god, Victoria as the headliners, having 100 million followers from India. Besides this, the event has also boarded a trending mobile app, WAVE a private space in your device to browse, share, chat as the main sponsor.

Before the award ceremony, each applicant will get the opportunity to increase their international influence with the business representatives directly, through social media. With eight genres and twenty-four sub-genres, it will cover multiple wedges across different categories. Thus, India is all set to make an impactful debut on a global platform.

This event will witness many unique concepts and encourage the community to look over global collaboration. This will be the largest congregation of bloggers and influencers in the country. The winner will also get a unique opportunity to qualify for the international award competition to be held in Cannes, hobnobbing with the best talent in the industry.

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