Wuhan Shuts Businesses and Public Transport; Residents Barred

Story Highlights
  • Public transport and businesses suspended, residents urged to avid unnecessary travel.
  • A three day lockdown imposed in Wuhan’s Jiangxia district.
  • 4 cases were detected during mass screening and close contact screening.

Wuhan: World’s first city that detected infections due to the novel Coronavirus reels under the pandemic terror once again. A district on the outskirts of Wuhan has been locked down.

Authorities have ordered some businesses and public transport to close as the case count spiralled. Home to nearly 1 million, Jiangxia district authorities with effect from Mondy have imposed a ban on large group events and dining at restaurants. Public entertainment facilities and other areas unvary to social gatherings have been ordered to shut down. Residents have been urged to stay indoors for the three-day ban imposed and avoid unnecessary travel.

The restrictions so far contained to just one district came after authorities detected 2 cases while the city underwent mass screening and 2 others while screening close contacts.

China ever since the pandemic has been imposing strict curbs to culminate the spread. Its dynamic Zero COVID tolerance policy – has imposed lockdowns and initiated mass testing across the country home to around 11 million people. The policy has, however, inflicted heavy economic and social costs that have raised speculations on the economic stability and efficient eradication of the virus.

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