Yatri Cart- An Indore Based Start up in Biz; Receives Funding of Rs 3.5 Cr

Story Highlights
  • Yatri cart- a brain child of Gaurav Rana and Shivangi Sharma from Indore.
  • Start-up aims at resolving problems of travellers
  • Investors ready to invest Rs. 3.5 Crores in the start up.

Indore: The Start-up culture in India got a booster doze on Wednesday when two entrepreneurs from Indore bagged a whooping funding for their newly formed company. Yatri cart- A Start-up initiative by two young entrepreneurial minds from Indore- Gaurav Rana and Shivangi Sharma is making the headlines.

The start up which was started to resolve the problems of travellers while they are on board has received an amount of Rs. 3.5 Crores recently. The investors got impressed by the three format company operating with store, trolley and kiosk. Gaurav Rana further discussed the three formats saying that the travellers can get every stuff required while travelling here.

The portal allows its users to avail confectionary items, books and entertainment products 24*7. Sanitary napkin, lock-chains, oral care and so forth, Yatri- cart is nothing less than a Mini Mall providing travel assistance at all hours.

Started right after the Pandemic lockdown in 2020, Yatri Cart, in a span of just 2 years has given yet another example of how the start- up culture has proliferated in India over the years. India, which has improved significantly in terms of ease of doing business, is gradually witnessing young minds proving their mettle with a problem solving approach.

Founder Gaurav Rana started his career as a Technical Apprentice Trainee in VE Commercial Vehicles in Preethampura near Indore. Thereafter he went on to pursue his B. Tech through a correspondence course.

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