Yemen Hit by Heavy Rains Causing Flood; 4 Dead and Several Others Go Missing

Story Highlights
  • The eastern province of Yemen, Hadhramaut has been affected by heavy rains
  • It caused high floods in the area alongside landslide
  • At least 4 people are suspected to be dead and several others go missing

Sana’a: The sudden fallout of heavy rains in the Hadhramaut area of the Tarim district of the eastern province of Yemen has given rise to floods in the area. As the downpour was heavy, it led to collapsing of houses and trapping others inside the house that stood firm. Some of the cars that were parked in these areas are also reported to be carried away.

It is expected that almost 3 houses have collapsed in the area which might have caused death to four people who lived in those houses. The other members of these houses went missing since the news last came in! It is also feared that thousands of people are stranded in their homes due to the heavy floods caused by the rains.

The government has sent all help necessary to provide relief to the stranded and affected people in the area. Military helicopters are performing rescue operations and an evacuation process is underway. Sources reveal that the flood has affected arable lands in the area, and also led to a landslide.

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