Youth Congress Protest in National Capital Over LPG and Fuel Price Hike

Story Highlights
  • Youth Congress members protest Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi.
  • Demanded reconsideration of LPG and Fuel rates.
  • Congress leaders issued scathing comments against Centre.

 New Delhi: Youth Congress on Thursday staged a protest in the national capital against the LPG cylinder price and fuel price hike at Shastri Bhavan. The march started outside the Petroleum Ministry on the Raisina road and was stopped by the police at the Shastri Bhawan.

Addressing the protestors, IYC president Srinivas BV said the people of India are suffering from inflation while the Narendra Modi govt is busy collecting taxes.

The media in charge of the Youth Congress, Rahul Roy speaking to a media reporter said, “The conditions are getting worse day by day. People are just not able to afford the LPG at such a high price.” According to him, the fuel hike and LPG hike have made a historic surge reaching Rs 100 and Rs 1000 respectively. He criticized the central govt and called them tyrants being ruthless to the public.

Roy has informed that the protest would be held in every state against this abominable hike in LPG and fuel rates. The protest was also attended by the national secretary of IYC and its Delhi in-charge  Bhaiya Pawar, Delhi Unit President Ranvijay Singh Lochav and many other leaders and members of the outfit.

On Wednesday, the gas retailers in the national capital announced a hike consecutively for the second time in the month, scoring the LPG rates to Rs 884.50. A hike of Rs 25 was added to the non-subsidized LPG of 14.2kgs which gushed chaos in the state.

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