Zelenskyy Avers Russia Cannot Burn Feeling Of Independence

Story Highlights
  • Russian forces advance east after suffering setback near Kyiv.
  • Russia scaling up nuclear Sabre-rattling: sources.
  • Shelling escalates in Luhansk and Mykolaiv.

Kyiv: As Russian forces advance their troops towards East, Ukraine forces prepare to fight the assault, said President Zelensky on Thursday. Tough resistance by Ukrainian forces has prevented Russia from capturing any major city, including Kyiv, where a Russian armed column was held back for weeks. In an early morning video address, Zelensky referred to Russian troop movements away from Kyiv and Chernihiv and said that was not a withdrawal but rather “the consequence of our defenders’ work.” The sixth round of Russian and Ukrainian peace negotiations in Istanbul did not fetch a ceasefire agreement, Volodymyr Zelenskyy stressed that challenges for his country have not “diminished”. Russia has also clarified that de-escalation is not a ceasefire.

Meanwhile, authorities claim Russia has been violating the air space laws earlier this month entering EU space armed with nukes before being intercepted by fighter jets. The Swedish media reported to have found 4 Russian warplanes flying over the Baltic towards the islands of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Advisor to the Interior Minister of Ukraine Vadim Denisenko has also claimed, the Kremlin using Brest airport to launch attacks.

15 died after the Russian saboteurs bombed Mykolaiv Regional State Administration said, officials. Luhansk, in the East, continued to witness shelling on the intervening night of 30 March. A large reportedly broke after the shelling allegedly targeted an oil storage facility in Lysychansk. Visuals of the besieged port city made rounds surrounded by the wreckage of a truck, lay a charred body with nobody to confirm the identity, claim it or bury it with dignity. Trails of houses and churches destroyed in villages of Kyiv along with burned-out Russian tanks and the charred and partially buried corpses of Russian soldiers are reported as the Ukrainians boast how they outnumbered the enemies in recapturing the tiny hamlet.

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